The Dirty Details: Expectations vs. Reality

I remember feeling scandalized in the fifth grade when I heard some of my peers singing what i felt was a very vulgar rhyme: “Penis, vagina, all the way in China!” Childish and silly as it is, the rhyme did sum up what many grade school age students think about sex if they haven’t personally experienced it, because that’s what they learn. After reading MetroUK’s article, “We need to talk about the cum drip,” it’s occurred to me that our sexual education doesn’t just come from a classroom. It also comes from books, movies, and the general media. Unfortunately, these two sources of sex ed fall at very opposite ends of the spectrum. This leads to a Great Wall of misunderstanding: neither gives us a full picture. Media depicts sex as a hot, heavy, and somehow elegant process, but rarely messy or awkward or difficult. This post is not to say that sex is any of those things all the time. But at least for some people, at some times, it is- and the majority of us are probably not prepared for the dirty details of what sex is really like. The title of the articlimgsize.jpge, which is worth a read if you have the time, is self-explanatory. It talks about what to do with the “cum drip” that occurs after having sex without a condom. In more specific terms, the article deals with the very messy fact that the semen does not just stay inside a person, rather, it exits the receptive organ. We’re not necessarily asking for a reformed sex ed program that goes into a graphic-detail description of sex, but even if you don’t live in China, this article is a good reminder that there’s way more to sex than “penis and vagina.”


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