Introduction: Julia Audet

Hey guys! My name is Julia and I am sophomore majoring in Communication and Business Management here at the University of Maryland! I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate, so yay for that! I’m currently a Public Relation Chair for the gender-inclusive honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi, an intern for the pic of meHearing Loss Association of America, and an avid dog lover. Comprehensive sex education is a pretty important topic to me. I went to a private school until 8th grade, so I learned nothing about puberty or pregnancy, consent or contraceptives. It was only until I transitioned to a large, public High School and was required to take a Health class that I was introduced to the idea of a comprehensive sexual education and, even then, I still had a lot of questions left unanswered.


Introduction: Brandon Puhl

IMG_2404Hi! My name is Brandon Puhl and I am a Senior here at University of Maryland, College Park, seeking a Communications Major. I currently work at Best Buy as a Geek Squad Agent and I love what I do. I hope to continue on in the path of sales representation and to further build strong relationships with the customers I work with, but in a more formal setting once I graduate at the end of the year. I care about comprehensive sexual education because I don’t think public schools cover enough information that affect young people in today’s society. I’m currently taking a human sexuality course and I believe the content is more ‘real-world’ than anything I’ve learned in grade school. Young people should be more aware of the responsibilities that come with being sexually active and know everything there is to know to make the best decisions for themselves and others.

Introduction: Liz San

Hello! My name is Elizabeth San, but I just go by Liz. I am a sophomore International Business and Communication major at IMG_5851UMD, College Park. I am aiming to enter the event planning field once I graduate, but am still learning about the different options I’ll have. I am a leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a campus tour guide, and this summer, I will also be an Orientation Advisor. I care about comprehensive sexual education because even though it’s covered in public school, the curriculum is pretty shallow and talks more about anatomy and diseases than safe sex and the real questions people might run into-which leaves them feeling awkward and confused when they have to look for the answers.

Introduction: Laura Cross

Hi! I’m Laura Cross and I’m sophomore Communications major at the University of FullSizeRender (2).jpgMaryland. I’m currently in the public relations track and hope to one day be working in PR in the entertainment industry, or politics, or the art world, who knows really? Additionally, I am an Art History major, more by accident than anything else, but I do love trekking into DC and visiting all of its wonderful museums. I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland where I attended a charter school that serious lacked comprehensive sex education in regards to sexual assault, personal safety, and LGBT students.